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   Managing COVID-19   

We're still here for you!

FOLLOW-ME! North America is available to support our distributors and customers with hyperDENT CAM and other machine-related solutions.  Rest assured, our engineers and admin team are all working safely from the comforts of our home offices.  However, please note we've had to cancel all onsite visits until further notice.    


We recognize there are many dental labs and milling centers that don't have the same luxury as we do, and they're unable to continue producing work until it's safe to return to their facilities.  Therefore, we're working with a few of our select dealers to extend hyperDENT licenses that originated in North America for up to 3 months - including maintenance.  Please make the request below, and we'll let you know if your license qualifies.  We all have enough to worry about, let's make sure that outdated CAM software isn't part of the problem.

Please note:  this offer applies to licenses that are up-to-date and expiring between 3/24/20 - 4/30/20.  We'll reevaluate the situation at the end of April to determine if we need to extend our relief program.  For facilities that are still able to operate and would like to extend for the full year under contract, we appreciate your continued support and will add 3 additional months to your extension at no cost.


Stay safe - and our best wishes to you, your families, colleagues, and friends!


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To find your license key, open hyperDENT > Extras > License Center.  The 25-digit serial number at the beginning of the content list can be copied and pasted into this form.  

Or in the Windows start menu, start typing 'licensecenter.exe' into the search bar and you'll see the application listed.  This option is necessary if your license is already expired.


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