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FOLLOW-ME! North America is part of the FOLLOW-ME! Technology Group, developer of the most advanced, versatile, and scalable line of dental-specific CAM solutions on the market worldwide.


hyperDENT Classic, FOLLOW-ME!'s flagship product, is often paired with the hyperDENT Abutment Creator and Template Generator to allow for the in-house production of bars, abutments, and other demanding dental applications.  Its robust features and unique customization options give larger labs or milling centers complete control of their manufacturing equipment.


hyperDENT Compact is a high-end starter software with an unbeatable price/performance ratio.  This CAM package unlocks the true potential of common benchtop-type mills, while staying sensitive to the lower-cost nature of this machine category.


This site was designed for North American distributors to share information with their local subsidiary.  For more information regarding the hyperDENT line of products, click below to visit our global website,


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In order to update your hyperDENT software to a new version,​

your maintenance expiration must be:

V9.4    1/15/2023

V9.3    2/15/2022

V9.2    5/15/2021

V9.1    9/15/2020

V9.0    10/15/2019


The newest Windows update can potentially corrupt your settings file.  If you're getting the following error when attempting to open hyperDENT, use these steps to restore your software's functionality:

Delete the settings.xml file from the file path:

  C:\user\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\hyperDENT

(AppData is a hidden file)

hyperDENT will now start with the default settings.  

Important => check the general settings are correct in hyperDENT, especially your file paths.

If a copy of your 'settings.xml' is available, copy it into the folder instead.

NoteRegularly update a copy of the 'settings.xml' file!

After reading the backed-up copy, hyperDENT will load with your saved settings.

For assistance, email

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